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In 1931, leaders of the Steubenville Chamber of Commerce organized the Community Chest of Steubenville to address the needs of our community during the Depression Era. In the first year, over $80,000 was raised to support ten social service agencies.


In 1976. the Community Chest of Steubenville became the Steubenville Area United Way. Later in 1983, a merger occurred between the Mingo Community Chest and the Toronto Community Chest establishing  United Way of Jefferson County.


In present day, United Way of Jefferson County raises over $350,000 to support our neighbors through the help of 17 local nonprofits.

What We Do

We are a catalyst that inspires people to invest in each other to strengthen and transform our community. The donations we receive go directly to nonprofit organizations in Jefferson County that are making a difference in our community. 

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Our Partner Agencies

How We Do It

Every year we are tasked with raising $350,000. In order to raise these vital funds we: apply for grants, seek individual contributions, host events, and engage our local workforce. 


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Why We Do It

Jefferson County is a wonderful place to live, work, and play. However, 25% of our population lives in poverty, and 25% of our residents are categorized as the working poor. This means 50% of Jefferson County residents struggle to get by every single day.

 A better educated, healthier, and financially stable community is strong.


This is why we fight.

Our Mission

We Need Your Support Today!

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