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Market Street Mile

It happens to everyone.  You get engrossed in your work and before you know it, you've spent an hour or more at your desk without getting up.  Not only is it unhealthy - studies have linked excessive sitting to weight gain, chronic disease, and early death - it's also bad on other fronts.  Social interaction with your co-workers, fresh air and just letting your brain take a break from time to time can make you feel better and also improve your productivity.  United Way of Jefferson County has partnered with the Jefferson County Chamber for a fun new program to help you start making daily work-time activity a priority.    

Interesting yet not very well-known fact: It's exactly one mile from the Chamber offices at 630 Market Street in downtown Steubenville to the West Virginia side of the Market Street bridge and back.  This makes for an enjoyable and very doable walk that can easily fit into your lunch hour or break time.  It only takes about 25 minutes, depending on your stride, and you get to enjoy a beautiful view of the river, Historic Fort Steuben and other downtown landmarks.   To make it even more fun, United Way of Jefferson County  and Anytime Fitness in Steubenville added a few more perks. The "Market Street Mile" area at the Chamber offices will have hooks and shelves where you can store your walking shoes and a jacket and when you're done with your walk, there's a complimentary bottle of cold water waiting for you.  In addition, for those who are up for a little friendly competition, we'll have a place where you may log your miles and compete for prizes throughout the year.  Gift cards, t-shirts and more will be up for grabs.

So beginning Monday, April 3rd, stop in the Chamber any time you like during regular office hours: Monday through Thursday,  9 a.m. until 4 p.m. and Fridays 9 a.m. until 1 p.m.  You don't need to register ahead of time or let us know you're coming.  Just head out, have fun, log your miles and you'll be back at work in no time.  There's no better way to get healthy while showing your support for Steubenville's historic downtown.  See firsthand what you can expect by watching the video to the right.


UWJC is actively fighting for a healthier community. We are proud to sponsor the Chamber's initiative to get everyone up and moving around. 

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